Chocolate Melt

Chocolate Melt

by Sharona Clarke

Late Elementary Level

2 pages / Item # C001

This may be taught by rote since it is in six flats, but being on all-black keys makes it easy to teach by pattern and memory, even to very young students. Your challenge is to make it sound smooth like chocolate without using pedal! Follow the dynamic instructions to bring out the musical ‘echos’.

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WATCH the epic “lyric” video here!


“Another fantastic sheet music ! I love this one. It relax[es] me. I think is from a dream.” -Rodolfo

“The combination of the song title and the mellowness is very nicely done! I love it. It’s an appropriate title.” -YouTube user, tmonkeypunch

“Another wonderful piece. You’re great at piano! That audio [lyric] piece was epic! Dee dee doodoo.. LOL” -YouTube user Vasilios