Piano Lesson Testimonials

Sharona is a most wonderful piano teacher! My 10 year old daughter excelled under her direction like she had under no other, and thoroughly enjoyed weekly lessons and practice. It was such a joy to listen in! Sharona has cultivated in my daughter a deep love for playing the piano that I feel certain will last a lifetime, and I would highly recommend Sharona without any hesitation.

-Shalini, mom of piano student

Sharona taught piano to our 2 teenage children for 3 years. We were very satisfied with the service that Sharona provided as an educator and mentor.

In our opinion, Sharona is very professional and organized as a teacher and business owner. She is energetic and in tune to the interest of the students. She considers the student’s musical interest when choosing pieces to teach in order to keep the students interested and inspired.

We would recommend Sharona as a private music teacher.

-Mark & Patricia Lawlor

Awesome, she LOVES Piano and she says someday she will play good like Miss Sharona. Thanks for the being the awesome teacher you are and for taking the time each week to suit her and have fun while teaching her, she has learned so much and continues to learn new things each day sitting at her piano. You’re doing a marvellous job!!!!

-Janet Burton Harris

You are one of the most inspirational musicians I know. The talent and knowledge I acquired over the years with classical, contemporary and even sporadic piano, will be forever with me. You are the one that took from me from 0 to 100.

-H Dalton