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The Way It Goes – Digital STUDIO License

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Educational Piano Piece by Sharona Clarke

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STUDIO LICENSE – Allows you unlimited use for your teaching studio


TERMS OF STUDIO LICENSE: This allows you and only you, the purchasing Teacher, unlimited use and printing for your students in your teaching studio. You may bring this file to a print shop for printing if needed. Other teachers within your studio who may wish to use this music must purchase a separate Studio License for their own use. Resale to students is prohibited, though you may charge them for the cost of printing or ink.

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A repetitive but relaxing motif in the right hand provides the rhythm for the melody in left hand. Use of overlapping sustain pedal keeps a gentle flow throughout. An easy-going piece– this is the way it goes!

This piano piece appears as one of three instrumental tracks on Sharona’s self-produced pop album “The Secret… is to Dream“. Buy the iTunes single here.



“I really enjoyed both playing and listening to it. It sounds nice and relaxing, and the pedal make it sound even better!” -A student

1 review for The Way It Goes – Digital STUDIO License

  1. ddwhite90

    I used this piece to teach intervals, 4th, 6th, hold(tie), 5th, 2nd, ascending and descending accordingly. The little melodic pattern quickly became quite pleasing to the ear.

    This is also an excellent piece this to introduce the damper pedal, holding it down and changing as written.

    The Way it Goes is a favourite of both girls and boys. Thanks for composing this piece.

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