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Fries, Dressing and Gravy – Digital STUDIO License


Educational Piano Piece by Sharona Clarke

2 Pages

STUDIO LICENSE – Allows you unlimited use for your teaching studio

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TERMS OF STUDIO LICENSE: This allows you and only you, the purchasing Teacher, unlimited use and printing for your students in your teaching studio. You may bring this file to a print shop for printing if needed. Other teachers within your studio who may wish to use this music must purchase a separate Studio License for their own use. Resale to students is prohibited, though you may charge them for the cost of printing or ink.


A piano boogie with an original LH pattern, this superfun piece provides a good workout for the left hand. Some unexpected chromatic passages and crushed notes make this even more appealing. How did I come up with the title? I wrote this song and I really liked it – and I really like fries, dressing and gravy! So it was fitting! Yum!

Great for recitals, exams, or regular repertoire. Suitable for a Level 3 or Level 4 Royal Conservatory exam. Students love it!






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