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Night Mood – Digital Download


Educational Piano Piece by Sharona Clarke

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Late Elementary Level. A simple modern-sounding piece with easy patterns and repetition. A modal scale and use of pedal adds to the ‘moodiness’. Imagine you’re in a relaxed mood and you want to just hang out in the backyard and look at the moon! This especially appeals to beginner adults who want something relatively easy, yet sounds lush and pretty.


Student Video Project of Night Mood




“I really liked how when I heard it, I felt relaxed, ya know? Lovely how it’s so calm but still easy to learn, and when I play it my fingers get soft, like I’m being gently placed on a REALLY soft pillow.” -Cassia, a student

“I hate it.” -Bob (Bob is weird…)

“This is one of my favourite short pieces which I play frequently. It’s not hard to learn, and it sounds delicate and dreamy!” -RS, a student


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